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Over 800 screens in operation, the superiority of planar motion

Among recent successes

Silica sand:

- 40 t/h of pre-dried river sand, carefully screened with 250-400- 600-1150 Micron nets

- the machine has been tested to work also with 150 Micron nets

- five commercial particle sizes, very close to one another, generated by a single machine

- truly effective continuous net cleaning systems to guarantee consistent performance

- special sealing systems to eliminate any possible leakage

- rapid change of the screening sieves

- one machine has replaced four large diameter nutation machines with increased precision sieving and longer duration of finer nets with consequent important reduction in maintenance costs

- absolute reliability of mechanical part

- perfect balance, therefore the machine can be easily positioned at high levels

The machine installed is a SuperScreen model of 13 m2 each screening deck . The PAL catalog provides machines with 1 to 4 screening decks of 8, 10, 13, 16 m2 surface per deck. For each of these basic models there is a twin-flow version, with a double screening surface dedicated to each fraction size while maintaining the same footprint area.

PAL has a fully equipped laboratory to test the customer’s samples where a whole range of machines for aeraulic separation are also installed. .

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