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Over 800 screens in operation, the superiority of planar motion
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We are not doctors and therefore we cannot save lives, we do not know how to help people pray, we do not deliver basic necessities, nor are we able to ease spiritual
suffering or find the right vaccine. Unfortunately. We would like to be able to do these things and help those who are in need. Maybe we’re unable to do any of these in a time of such great emergency, unlike what the extraordinary people are able to do, who at this moment are doing their best for all of us and we will never stop thanking them enough.
However, what we can do and must do is our work, with renewed commitment and dedication to prepare for a better future. We all have to do it together. All of us can do this, each one with his or her own skills, with their capabilities, expertise and resources.
We have a clear responsibility to do it as best as we can. And even better. That’s why we, the staff of PAL Green Division, are facing each and every day, using our time to get out of this crisis, better and improved, encouraged by the fact that the topics that have constructed our identity (research, innovation, environmental care
and sustainability) will become more and more essential key points.
This is why we are working with renewed passion, enthusiasm, value, competence and responsibility - but with concreteness - with one goal: to contribute to building a “clean” world.
We, simple but proud steel workers, can do this. And we are doing it.

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