• Metering of wet particles to the Dryers or dry particles to the Glue Blenders
  • Belt conveyor fitted with weighing bridge and precision load cell
  • Weighing belt automatic tensioning system
  • Self-centering system for the weighing belt
  • Dosing bin provided with levelling combs
  • Drive systems
  • Encoder for measuring speed of weighing belt
  • Calibration chain
  • Microprocessor.


  • Very high weighing-metering accuracy higher than +/- 0,5% relating to instant flow
  • Accuracy is guaranteed for all throughput values and not related to the full scale value as in conventional systems
  • Employment range from 10 to 100% of full scale value
  • Full scale value, freely settable
  • Easy testing by calibrating chain
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Very low maintenance.
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