• Strong sliding scraper-extractor alternatively driven by hydraulic piston/s
  • Piston/s housing box with seals to prevent material leakage
  • Integrated power-pack to drive the hydraulic piston/s
  • Progressively variable pitch screw/s for better accuracy
  • Electronic level indicator for screw empty condition
  • Supply of silo drawing only for local manufacturing
  • Supply of complete silo and protections, including:
    - bridge-breakers for cylindrical silos, when needed
    - continuous level indicator, i.e. ultrasound system
    - electromechanical levels for emergency (Top-minimum)
    - AF - Fire extinguishing system
    - AE - Explosion vents.


  • Versatile destorage-dosing system for wet or dry fractioned materials i.e. chips, sawdust, shavings, particles, dust, etc.
  • Wide range of extraction capacity achieved by controlling the dosing screws with frequency converters
  • High dosing accuracy from progressively variable pitch screws
  • Reliable control of silo levels
  • Simple and cheap system
  • High reliability
  • Very low maintenance cost.
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